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        NEWS - Corporate Information

        1.Basic Information

        Company Name: Dalian Chemphy Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Unified Social Credit Code: 91210213716950220C

        Legal Representative: Wang Shaogang

        Manufacturing Address: 488-1 North-East Blvd., Dalian Economy and technology Development Zone, Dalian, 116600, China

        Production and Business Scope: R&D, production and management of agrochemicals and fine chemicals: and development, transfer, consultation and service of related technologies; import and export business (within the scope of license); R&D, production and operation of pesticides (within the scope of license).

        Contact: 0411-87517111

        The construction project of Chemphy has passed the environmental  approval and acceptance, and the emergency plan for sudden environmental incidents has been filed, and the pollution prevention facilities in the production projects are operating normally.

        2. Sewage information in March 2018


                                      Dalian Chemphy Chemical Co., Ltd.

                                                                                   April 12, 2018

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