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        NEWS - Corporate Information

           On October 24, 2017, Deputy Director Bao Cuiyan, Xin Qin of Advisory Committee of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and the former director of Chemphy's R&D Department Lu Shiwei, and other members of Chemphy visited Chemphy to learn about Chemphy's development.              General Manager of Chemphy Wang Shaogang, Deputy General Manager, Pan Jiayu, Zhang Yixian, and Director of 2nd workshop Zhang Defeng, received the experts from the Institute of Chemicals. General Manager Wang Shaogang introduced Chemphy's production and operation to the experts, focusing on the research, industrialization and operation situation of 2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid and visited Chemphy's 2nd workshop (formerly the pilot test base of Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Institute of Chemicals).        

        The experts affirmed Chemphy's achievements in production management, quality management, on-site management, production automation and safety management, and made positive suggestions for Chemphy to strengthen new product development and to be a strong company.


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